Go away
If you are seeing this instead of my normal webpage is it because your user-agent is banned. If you think this is in error, please contact me and I'll look in to it. Also banned are sites not requesting my main page, because I keep getting hits for me to serve banner ads, so someone has broken DNS somewhere. Now fix it.

Some bots seem to be causing me a lot of grief lately. They spider the site almost daily, and then cause all kinds of irritaing problems by misreading tags and causing errors in the scripts, all of which I'm notified about. They also screw up my logs, so I can't see how many hits I really get, causing me to constantly update my ignore file. Very annoying. Here is a list of current offenders: If you or someone you know wrote one of these agents, YOU SHOULD BE BEATEN. These agents are banned from this site, they will get this message no matter where they go in the website. Which frees up my resources for the real visitors.

If you are an evil bot, then you will gladly follow this link but mere mortals should not. It will open a gzip encoded text page that decompresses to about 200 megs, to give the bots something to chew on for a bit but not wasting all my precious bandwidth.