Yes, I have ported powwow 1.2.3 to Windows95/98/NT.

Please note that the client is COMPLETELY untested.

The port is done using the Cygnus cygwin compiler and libraries, version Beta 19 (yes, it's an old one). You need the library "cygwinb19.dll" distributed with such a compiler to run powwow. If you don't have it, you can download and install "cdk.exe" from as it contains the needed library (actually, it contains a newer one...)

Otherwise you can download and unzip it in the directory where you placed powwow.

The Cygnus cygwin compiler and libraries, including "cygwinb19.dll", follow the GNU Public License and their sources are available from

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Problems, bug reports, feedback and postcards are welcome ;)

A problem I am aware of is that this version of powwow for Windows 95/98/NT is slow.
That's because powwow uses a UNIX emulation library (cygwinb19.dll) and all UNIX functions calls done by powwow are translated into the win-32 equivalent by this library.

Sorry, but modifying powwow to use the win-32 functions directly would require more time than what I currently have available.

WARNING: If you have version 0.9.6 of powwow for Windows 95/98/NT installed, you MUST delete it before installing version 1.2.3, since the powwow.bat script that was previously needed now causes troubles.

Massimiliano Ghilardi - <> - 18 February 2000