What is powwow?

Powwow is a client program, which replaces telnet for the MUD players that want some extra features. It is primarily designed for DikuMUDs, but nothing prevents its use for other types of MUDs. It works on UNIX-like OS.

Please do not confuse this program with "Pow Wow", a completely different piece of software that runs on Windows 95 !
Just to make things even more confused, now a Windows version of my client powwow exists too.

A full description of powwow is provided together with the program itself.

Powwow is based on another mud client named Cancan.
Powwow also implements the MUME remote editing protocol, which enables you to edit texts on the MUD using your own favourite editor, several texts at once if you have a windowing terminal.

The current version is:


Please note that the full file name is powwow-1.2.5.tar.gz
It is a tar archive, compressed with gzip. If you are
not familiar with tar and gzip, you can do the following:

gzip -d powwow-1.2.5.tar.gz
tar -x -f powwow-1.2.5.tar
cd powwow-1.2.5

and you will get the uncompressed files, ready to compile with


Other available versions:

A whole directory of older versions from 0.7b up to 1.2.4.

Experimental versions. They might be unstable. Recommended only
if you want to help me debugging and developing powwow.

Experimental Windows 95/NT version.
Note that it is experimental and almost completely untested.

If you are still using an old version, or you want to use one for some reason, there's a WARNING:
Versions older than 0.9.6 have a security hole that allows
to crash or freeze powwow sending appropriate text to it.

Either upgrade to the latest stable version or get a fix.
Fixes are currently available for the following versions:

0.8.6 --- the patch is powwow-0.8.6-patch-1
0.9.5 --- the patch is powwow-0.9.5-patch-1

Version numbering: what they mean.

Versions 1.0.x, 1.2.x and in general any x.y.z where y is even aim to be stable, "production" code, so 1.2.1 and later ones (when released) will/do contain only bug fixes with respect to 1.2.0.
On the other hand, versions 1.1.x, 1.3.x etc. are development versions and might be unstable and have bugs.

Other sites:

There are also some anonymous ftp sites where you get a copy of powwow:
Italy (SLOW!)
Remember that none of these sites is an official Powwow distribution point.
A copy of powwow is kept there by kind people, but they may remove it at any time.

Recently, I uploaded powwow on sunsite.unc.edu, so Linux fans can find it
on any sunsite mirror. At the moment, only 1.2.0 is available on sunsite and mirrors.

Powwow package includes, beyond C source files:

make_it: a script that will compile the source files on most OS
README and compile.how: two files you should read if you cannot compile at first try
powwow.doc: the full documentation
config.demo: a demontrative definition file

Suggestions, bug reports, help about powwow:

E-mail me at max@Linuz.sns.it

In case you need it, my PGP public key is available.

Massimiliano Ghilardi - <max@Linuz.sns.it> - 24 May 2000