Annoying module messages?
Annoying module messages?
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Hate those annoying "Unresolved symbol" messages during bootup after installing a new kernel? They happen when you don't delete the old modules in /lib/modules/kernel.version.here before installing new modules for a custom kernel, i.e. installing a new kernel that's not the one that came with your distro.

The proper way to fix this would be to delete the entire module tree like this:

rm -r /lib/modules/kernel.version.here
Where kernel.version.here is your current kernel version. Then 'make modules_install' again in the Linux source. A quicker way is to do this would be:
rm `depmod -a | cut -d: -f1`
Where the depmod -a stuff is in backticks, and you'll just remove the modules that are complaining.

yeah, I posted this to linux.com