This is where I'm putting generally useless things that do neat yet mostly useless tasks.

El Translator
The only thing I've ported forward so far is my old translator. It doeesn't do much, just has some funny filters for things like ebonics, hacker and Y to K.

The Box Problem
A computer simulation of the problem where you have 3 choices, you pick one, and the host eliminates one of the remaining two giving you the option to switch.

System Info
Cheeziness at it's best. Output from /proc/cpuinfo and /bin/free. Real time even! Whoop!

Color Wheel-o-Death
OK, this may actually be useful. It's an interactive color wheel, for choosing web colors mostly. It can take RGB or HEX values and position the color wheel, and you can also click around the color wheel to navigate it.

Find words in your phone number!

Spelldown Cheat
Online test of the spelldown cheat for Yahoo! games

Generates words based on a sliding window and letter frequencies so that fake words resemble real words. Has a few word databases, including Lord of the Rings, male and female names, misc names, and a normal word dictionary.