Handy GNU switch
Handy GNU switch
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Many of the GNU versions of common *nix applications such as du, df, etc, support a special flag '-h', which means "Human readable format." This is quite useful on larger devices to try and decipher all those numbers. For example, 'df -h' gives me this:

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda2              17G  9.3G  6.4G  60% /

On my laptop, and 'du -h' gives me:
8.0k	./opt/gnome/cron.daily
16k	./opt/gnome/medusa
12k	./opt/gnome/profile.d
12k	./opt/gnome/oaf
8.0k	./opt/gnome/pam.d
8.0k	./opt/gnome/security/console.apps
12k	./opt/gnome/security
968k	./opt/gnome
972k	./opt

Which is a whole lot friendlier than counting digits to figure out how much space is really used or available.