CheeseLab Screenshots
Here are some screenshots of CheeseLab 3 under Linux.

(107.03 k)
This shows the map window and a terminal in MUME, I have debug enabled and you can see that the edesc only matches 98% with what MUME is showing. CheeseLab3 compares names and edescs using similarity tests that allow it to be more "robust" against typo fixes.
(72.29 k)
This shows a larger map view and the room editor. The room editor lets you make chages to the database via the GUI, and also select overlays, notes, hidden exits, etc. The excellent room editor was contributed by Cyber.
(70.68 k)
This shows the search dialog and also the quick overlay/exit editor via right-click on the map. Another fine contribution from Cyber.
(104.75 k)
This shows some of the same stuff, but also shows the tooltip. Tooltips over map areas will show the room name and any doors. This is useful when locating someone on "where" or to quickly look up a hidden exit without popping open the room editor.
(69.78 k)
(82.19 k)
This shows the in-game help, using overlays to indicate "dark" rooms, and how the tool-tips also show notes (e.g. hover over an X to see the mob name if you put it in the database, or the herb name, etc)
(85.53 k)
Moving down a Z level, functions similar to CheeseLab2. You can also see one of the toolbars is docked on the left instead of the top.
(97.46 k)
Shows multiple players online and their status on the HUD
(74.50 k)
Shows togglable toolbars, moved toolbars, the room editor, a bunch of checked items for overlays. Again, more excellent work from Cyber, the room editor is much friendlier now :p