MUME Scripts
These are some of the powwow scripts I use for MUME. There are a lot of actions, lots of aliases, and even a road-walking script to help pass the time spent running around Arda. Might find some good examples of how to use variables and do binding. The scripts probably won't work under powtty without some tweaking, they were written using powwow under Linux. To load a script in to your config file, use #ex <script.conf, and it'll be saved when you quit if you use the autosave function. If you don't (like me) and have a master config that loads a bunch of smaller config files so you can manage the mess, just put the #ex line in there, e.g.:
#savefile-version 6
#host mume.pvv.org 23
#delim normal
#setvar mem=1048576

#( "Don't save the config file every time" )
#file =

#( "Now load opts" )
#exe <init.conf
#exe <powwow.conf

#exe <festival.conf
#exe <database.conf
#exe <utils.conf

#exe <opts.conf

Now for the scripts:
(0.33 k)
Handles annoying events, like falling off your mount
(1.56 k)
Your standard wristwatch type script, to track time after looking at a clock to sync it with real MUME time. Includes aliases for saying time, narrating time, and just to watch the time. Similar to those you see where "Someone narrates 'The time according to my wristwatch is XX'"
(0.79 k)
My old clock script, uses #in triggers to increment the time internally. Of course this isn't very efficient and will get out of sync a lot, but it's here as an example of an alternative to my other clock/wristwatch type script
(0.28 k)
Container help, e.g. backpack/sack aliases
(1.13 k)
Simple HP level marks to make it easier to tell if you're winning
(0.59 k)
Database binding, for use with a small perl script to store data in a berkeley DB. Linked in with a room name trigger, so you can store hidden exits by roomname, and view or search them, as well as arbitrary data keys. Requires the support scripts 'dbe' and 'dbv' which are in perl
(0.30 k)
The support editor script for database.conf
(0.19 k)
The support viewer script for database.conf
(1.54 k)
Door/exit handlers. If you run in to a door it'll pick up door names, and also a simple set of aliases to handle the exit u/d/n/s/e/w pick/unlock/open/close stuff by anonymous name
(0.19 k)
Simple integration with the festival speech system, so allow text to speech in the game. Very anoying actually, but anywhere you see "talk" in other scripts, it was talking to me :)
(0.47 k)
For the lazy group follower, actions to do whatever someone labeled (x) does, like ride, sit, stand, etc
(4.15 k)
Hunting (xp) related aliases, including a target system for targeting one mob for hit/stab/shoot/flee solo action, and stuff for looting, buthering, etc
(0.53 k)
Lantern actions for snuff/lighting at night/day
(4.72 k)
Uses a madlib format to create randomish battle cries and stuff that can be said while playing. All entries are completely modifiable and it's easy to customize to do any kind of word exhanges for templated sentences. Currently it's based of some of the sentences from gnarr which I was originally using, but I like to try and keep as much as possible inside powwow, so I re-worked it in to a normal powwow script. The formats right now will generate sentences like "By the beard of the guardians, you shall meet your death!", "For the Ainur, the beard, and the mighty!" and "Your cowardly death awaits!"
(5.23 k)
Aliases for mages, includes spells, smoking, and other junk
(1.67 k)
Bunch of #marks for different mobs, so they stand out
(4.23 k)
Lots of misc marks, for entering/leaving, bashing, snow, players, mounts, and other junk
(0.31 k)
Some sorta-spam cooking triggers to cook up all your meat
(0.17 k)
Handles passing out while whet'ing your weapon, auto-sleeps and continues to mend
(0.68 k)
Actions to keep mercenaries happy
(0.88 k)
Aliases for common options, like setting mood, spell casting, etc. Also a percentage based wimpy setting, so based on your max HP, which is picked up from the status reporting script. So you can do sw3 and it will set you wimpy to 30% of max HP
(3.47 k)
Road walking script, all in powwow language. I have another that's partially implemented in perl, and it's not as ugly as this, but this one doesn't require and support files for forking. Can be used to run between any points that have a road, e.g. a path like =east= =north=, with the = signs
(0.75 k)
Standard stuff to order around named or groups of charmies/pets
(0.62 k)
For making quick one-off aliases and assigning them to a single number, e.g. 1 shoot warg, then 1 will shoot warg. Supports 5 quick alias slots
(0.72 k)
Random action script, for when you're bored
(1.24 k)
Your standard xp/tp counters and stat emoter. The xp counter watches total for session and since last mob too. Also needed if you want to use the sw* percentage wimpy commands, because it sets up the max HP variable
(0.24 k)
For when you're bored, fishes over and over and drops the fish in a nice pile
(2.08 k)
Used with the festival stuff, makes MUME talk for many events, like store opening, day/night, hungry/thirsty, or even useless stuff like making it say all the narrates if you're waiting for the orcs to come and just want to listen :)
(0.29 k)
Water drinking actions for when you get thirsty