These are some of the penguins I've drawn in the past. Most of the time I use Sketch for doing outlines then I color using The Gimp. Now that I've gotten a Wacom Graphire II USB drawing pad I've been trying to do some pictures with it instead of using Sketch, but I still like the way things come out using a vector program so we'll see what wins in the end.
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This is my first try drawing a penguin using my graphics tablet. I think it turned out okay. 2)
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Another one using the tablet, this time with some action
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This is the old penguin that used to be the logo when the site was all green 4)
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At one point this was the yaklug.org penguin, it was done completely in Gimp using bezier curves.... Didn't work so well IMHO
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The new logo penguin here, with his readerboard 6)
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And again without the readerboard
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Not sure why I was making this one, but he's a fatty 8)
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The new yaklug logo and also available from cafe press as shirts, mouse pads, and beer mugs