Wood Working

Here is a list of some woodworking projects I've done. I put these online because after aquiring some wood tools like a table saw, drill, router, etc, I wanted to start building some simple projects and found it frustrating that so many places on the internet show part of a project then charge for PDF plans. So I took parts of different projects I could find online and in print, and made new plans of my own then put them up here for anyone to use.

The projects are listed in the order I completed them, so the farther down the list you get, the more complicated they will become. Hopefully over time I can get enough projects to put up that this may be a useful resource for someone getting started in woodworking, like me.

I've started using QCad, a free GPL CAD system based on QT. There are Windows and Linux binaries, and many Linux distributions also have packages for it. Since I had never used any kind of CAD software before, I probably don't do a very good job but it works well enough for me. It only took a day of tinkering with QCad to get things working the way I wanted and to learn the basic drawing and measuring commands. All DXF files here were created using QCad, and some projects have layers to make it easier to see hidden parts.

Visit my woodworking resources website, categorized links to plans, tips, and other online woodworking resources.