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Make a Cabinet Scraper - 07/27/2005
Approx cost (at 07/27/2005): $3.00
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I had a lot of trouble finding any local stores that carried wood working supplies. One of the things I wanted but no one even knew what I was talking about when I asked, was a cabinet scraper. So I spent some time online and found that you can get them from online woodworking stores, but I am also very impatient.

After some thinking and reading, I realized a cabinet scraper is just a piece of steel with a flat or rounded edge, and that many other products use flat steel for a blade. For example, sheetrock tapers and putty knives. I decided to buy a sheetrock taper since it was pretty cheap and if it didn't work, I wouldn't have lost much.

I bought a 6" sheetrock taper from my work. The blade was blue and the handle was lime green, but that didn't matter much. Because it was also cheap.

I flexed the blade one way and used a chisel to bend back the metal holding the top, and there were 2 plastic bits holding the blade in place underneath. So I grabbed a hammer and clamped it in the vice, then chiseled through. Now I had a nice card-sized steel blade.

I don't know how well a "real" cabinet scraper works, and I also have never sharpened one of these before, but after following the directions given here I was able to scrape glue and drops of polyurethane off the coffee table I was building at the time. Also, one of the blocks I attached to the skirt to hold down the top moved a bit while screwing it on, and shifted up. Using the scraper I was able to scrape the block and skirt flush with little work. So far so good, and good enough for me.

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