(see the original madness here and the screenshot archive is here)
Input the letters to make words with in the letters box, and a spec in the spec box. The spec is a string representing the words that need to be filled and the multipliers, e.g.:

1113,121 - A four letter word and a three letter word, the last letter of the four letter word is 3x and the second in the three letter word is 2x.

3/3/3 combos usually take a ridiculously long time, so the system is limted to 2 word combos only, up to 8 letters long, and a max of 15 letters in.

If you want to do more tests, download the script and play with it a home.

Scoring and time bonus prediction are accurate as of 7/26/02, but who knows, they might change it in the future.

I made a Spelldown bot that was playing at one time for about seven days. There are screenshots and some rfb streams of the fun here and now if you go to hoopajoo.net:1 using VNC Viewer and in 8 BIT MODE you can watch one of the streams. It is no longer live, there isn't a dedicated spelldown machine anymore, and I don't plan on running it again be it seems pretty silly. At the end, it had 3 million points, and there is no way anything is going to beat that unless it just runs longer. I eventually just stopped it because Yahoo! was trying to shut down the server and Ignignot was the only one left on it.

Try it out:

Letters: Spec: