Super Namoid!
Namoid is a name generator that uses letter frequencies from a dictionary to generate words or names that resemble the dictionary. It could be used for creating company names, games names, character names, buzzwords, or anything really. Choose a minimum and maximum length for words to be generated, and namoid will try to generate as many words as possible in 1 second. By changing the Resemble Words option you can get more or less words, where Strongly makes fewer words but they more closely resemble the input, and Little makes a lot of words that look almost nothing like the input database. The Dynamic will use each one as appropriate to try and make a lot of words that sound OK. I would suggest trying each setting to see the difference, although the Strongly option will certainly produce the best results if the input dictionary was large like the medical dictionary. My favorite is the arcade game dictionary, making up games that never existed like Dog Jump and Beast Spy.

Some settings that seem to work well (also don't forget to try them with Dynamic):
Min Length:
Max Length:
Resemble Words: