Translation Proxy Filter
There used to be a cool little translator thingy here. Well, it's gone now. I didn't like it because you had to type crap in and it broke pages and stuff too. So now there's something even better...


The only problems I've had is, #1, I'm stripping ALL javascript. Sometimes you can't navigate without it, but I may put it back in some day. Also, sometimes the browser would rather keep displaying a cached copy, so you may need to flush your caches if things don't seem to load right.

Currently it only processes text/html, since it could mess up style sheets and crap if I did all text. It can also handle gzipped content from sites like freshmeat who uses mod_gzip. The translators don't modify any html CODE, like hrefs or anything, just the literal text data. It (should) also recognize most entities and leave them alone.

Due to a significant amount of abuse by people trying to use the proxy as an anonymizer, I've limited the functionality some. The proxy allows only limited numbers of connections to hosts/from hosts per time period, and also does keyword filtering which isn't very effective in the real world, but you know I don't care if I filter someone looking for breast cancer, it's not like reading it in ebonics is going to be educational. Also, all imgages are stripped now, so basically no free anonymous beating off using my proxy. And for those of you who wish to see what the people who think they are anonymous are up to, the logs of the last few visits are open just to piss them off even more. Have fun.

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