A simple perl script that can cycle the X background image at timed intervals using Esetroot or ImageMagick. Supports recursive image finding, multiple directories, adjustable timer, cycling and random image selection, and scaling. note: it appears that if you have a nautilus managed desktop this will not work because nautilus draws it's own background.

2002-05-03     ** Latest ** Fixed a bug in the cache handler that would use the wrong cache file in many cases, and added a cache build option.
Download: bgcycler-0.72.tar.gz (2.95k)
2002-05-03     Fixed up some formatting in the source and added a cache function when scaling items
Download: bgcycler-0.70.tar.gz (2.71k)
2002-02-20     Added more signal handlers to move to next or delete images from the list. Added randomized list that re-shuffles at the end of the list. Misc bugfixes.
Download: bgcycler-0.60.tar.gz (2.16k)
2002-02-06     Lots of new features, auto detects root window size for ImageMagick, strict and warnings clean now, fixed help message, quiet and verbose operation.
Download: bgcycler-0.45.tar.gz (1.54k)
2002-02-06     Initial release, works OK.
Download: bgcycler-0.40.tar.gz (1.22k)