CheeseLab3 is a MUME (multi users in middle earth) MUD mapper. It works as a proxy server that analyzes game output to create a real-time map of the MUME world. You can save notes, overlay icons, and other basic map features. CheeseLab3 also supports multiple users, and allows all users connected to see eachother and their status on the map client. The map client and servers may also be run on separate machines or over the internet. CheeseLab3 is written in java and is tested on linux, windows 95, and windows 98.

This is a placeholder page so that releases integrate with the front-page news, Please see this page for detailed information, older releases, and screenshots.

2006-12-07     ** Latest ** Many many enhancements including better searching, lots of speed improvements, multiple "friend" views, saved options, and lots of other stuff mostly thanks to Cyber.
Download: CheeseLab-3.0.0.tar.gz (2966.76k)
2005-11-12     Implemented @goto, better searching of most fields instead of just title, changed from remap to sync cache on world which reduces queries to the server and speeds up normal operation quite a bit (there is a problem with deletes though because of this currently), and added Cyber's threaded renderer which speeds up rendering response even more. This is the last release that will run on java 1.4, new releases are moving to java 5.
Download: CheeseLab-3.0beta23.tar.gz (3002.35k)
2005-04-18     This fixes a bug in the gui that causes updates from the proxy that modify to world to not be redrawn until you move the map, which is pretty irritating. The developer version also adds some new path finding classes that will eventually implements the @goto or @step or both commands in the proxy.
Download: CheeseLab-3.0beta22.tar.gz (2975.87k)
2005-04-14     This release significantly speeds up the rendering window, full screen updates on my test machine (2.4GHZ celeron) take 30ms using the basic renderer, and less than 5ms using the experimental cached renderer. Most information is also aggressively cached by the client now allowing the response to feel faster overall. Multiple rendering backends are supported now so adding svg support should be trivial. Some new commands have been added to the proxy server to allow text-rendering of maps and player status for users who do not wish to run the gui client, though support is limited.
Download: CheeseLab-3.0beta21.tar.gz (3024.17k)