This is the perl extension for powwow and allows you to call perl code including xs modules from powwow, and allows perl to access powwow variables and execute actions. This supercedes the perlwow fork that originally embedded perl support in powwow.

2009-05-01     ** Latest ** Modified eval to happen in main package so all code starts execution from main
Download: powwow-perl-1.4.tar.gz (287.97k)
2007-05-23     Fixes a segfault bug when trying to copy variables that aren't set
Download: powwow-perl-1.3.tar.gz (285.00k) / (.deb, 55.10k)
2005-11-26     Fixed build to use system typemap instead of included typemap, patch from cyber.
Download: powwow-perl-1.2.tar.gz (278.93k) / (.deb, 54.56k)
2005-03-21     This release forces the makefile to rebuild some files that are generated from perl during compilation and adds basic documentation explaining how to use the #perl command and which commands are available from perl to access powwow internals.
Download: powwow-perl-1.1.tar.gz (255.86k) / (.deb, 108.64k)
2005-03-12     The initial release, this is based on the perlwow code and is the extension you should use if upgrading from perlwow. The perlwow codebase is no longer maintained.
Download: powwow-perl-1.0.tar.gz (254.99k) / (.deb, 108.62k)