tomsrtbt Bootable ISO
tomsrtbt Bootable ISO
A bootable ISO of the extremely handy Tom's Root Boot boot disk. Also has a mirror of the FTP site including all modules, and areas for uncompressed modules, the dos installation, and unix installation. Maybe someome will find it useful. :)

The download is a gzipped ISO. Some browsers (netscape/mozilla/ie) will decompress gzipped data on the fly while downloading, so the file may already be uncompressed. If you try and uncompress the file and get errors, try renaming the file to just toms.iso and then burn it.

2003-01-22     ** Latest ** Now automatically built using the mktoms script, so you can build your own up to date version
Download: toms.2.0.103-1.iso.gz (13090.29k)
2001-08-02     Inital release to the masses. Uses the 1.7.261 base disks.
Download: toms.1.7.361-1.iso.gz (15832.81k)