Control X from the command line for scripts, and do "visual scraping" to find things on the screen. The conrol interface allows mouse movement, clicking, button up/down, key up/down, etc, and uses the XTest extension so you don't have the annoying problems that xse has when apps ignore sent events. The visgrep program find images inside of images and reports the coordinates, allowing progams to find buttons, etc, on the screen to click on.

2014-01-31     ** Latest ** No functional changes just cleans up compiler warnings
Download: xautomation-1.09.tar.gz (121.09k)
2013-10-11     Patch to fix building on clang for FreeBSD 10 thanks to Rusmir Dusko
Download: xautomation-1.08.tar.gz (121.04k)
2012-10-10     Add xinput2 device selection support thanks to Victor Beumker
Download: xautomation-1.07.tar.gz (114.00k)
2012-04-20     Add -lX11 to xte during build to fix problems on some platforms, add note about Super_ and Meta_ possibly being your windows keys
Download: xautomation-1.06.tar.gz (112.55k)
2011-09-06     Add subimage offset rect scanning, added option to scan for all patterns without a detection match
Download: xautomation-1.05.tar.gz (111.79k)
2011-09-01     New enhancements to visgrep: allow using png files for patterns so you don't have to convert them to pat files, more debug messages to help find why image matches aren't working, and badness score output to tune patterns
Download: xautomation-1.04.tar.gz (111.35k)
2009-04-14     Bugfixes related to keyboard layouts and altgr mappings and other enhancements related to debian bug 523199 thanks to Marco Steinacher
Download: xautomation-1.03.tar.gz (101.14k)
2008-03-17     This fixes a problem with key modifiers being set for keysyms that have multiple keycodes, for example 'str <' did not work for some people. Also debugging is turned on by default.
Download: xautomation-1.02.tar.gz (90.36k)
2008-01-23     The new manpages that were supposed to be included weren't. Oops.
Download: xautomation-1.01.tar.gz (91.97k)
2007-12-31     Fixed some compiler warnings, and thanks to the package maintainer for Debian Kapil Hari Paranjape added man pages and cleaned up the linking.
Download: xautomation-1.00.tar.gz (88.44k)
2007-12-04     Fixes buggy "key" command, now key is strictly for keysyms and "str" is a best-effort to try and hit the right keysyms to make the string print. Some bugfixes to visgrep and updated warnings/notifications. Added xmousepos app to get the mouse position relative to a window or the root window.
Download: xautomation-0.99.tar.gz (87.78k)
2007-10-01     This patch changes causes xte to query the current keyboard layout instead of using a hardcoded table and also adds unicode support, big thanks to Marco Steinacher
Download: xautomation-0.98.tar.gz (86.43k)
2006-05-18     Some packaging cleanups, fixed typo in BackSpace, fixed XFlush problem pointed out by thorsten@staerk.de
Download: xautomation-0.97.tar.gz (82.00k)
2004-05-13     Added remote X support as a command line switch, thanks to Chris Lalancette
Download: xautomation-0.96.tar.gz (71.62k)
2004-04-27     Fixed a segfault bug when started and unable to connect to an X server
Download: xautomation-0.95.tar.gz (71.38k)
2004-04-21     Exit codes of visgrep now match grep, thanks to James Cameron
Download: xautomation-0.94.tar.gz (71.31k)
2003-12-15     Fixes some warnings and the PPC build should work now, thanks to Vincnt Bernat
Download: xautomation-0.93.tar.gz (71.09k)
2003-02-14     Looks like I forgot to include the kbd_*.h files for maps, oops.
Download: xautomation-0.92.tar.gz (51.63k)
2003-02-11     Added support for different problem character keyboard maps as a compile time option, e.g. a german keboard vs. a US keyboard.
Download: xautomation-0.91.tar.gz (50.49k)
2002-08-15     Fixed uninitialized shifted variable causing first word of "str" to be all caps.
Download: xautomation-0.86.tar.gz (50.15k)
2002-08-13     Added auto-shifted key support, and conversion from character to keysym names for strings. Beginning support for auto-extracting pattern tiles from images.
Download: xautomation-0.85.tar.gz (50.11k)
2002-08-06     More minor bugfixes, added relative mouse movement
Download: xautomation-0.80.tar.gz (48.61k)
2002-07-26     Fixed some typos in the xte application where I hadn't updated some command names thanks to Tom Bradley. Also added better PNG support and now alpha channel support in visgrep, so that you can search for non-rectangular parts of images by using transparent PNGs to create your search pattern files. Pattern files created from older version of png2pat are not compatible with this release, but future version should be. That's should be, but we'll see.
Download: xautomation-0.76.tar.gz (48.48k)
2002-07-25     Initial release, include autoconf support. Currently there are no docs except the embedded help.
Download: xautomation-0.70.tar.gz (47.25k)