Virus scanning perl script using f-prot as a virus scanner and runs through procmail. Easy to install and maintain, very little configuration to do, mostly works out of the box.
This project is no longer maintained, the clamav project has done an excellent job of scratching this itch. You should use clamav-milter or some other clamav based procmail filter instead.

2004-01-26     ** Latest ** Adds support for banning extensions and scanning for extensions inside zip files, since the free version of f-prot does not catch a lot of newer viruses.
Download: vscan-0.88.tar.gz (4.99k)
2002-06-17     Minor bugfixes, added option for silent admin operation to limit the amount of virus noise in the inbox, and it tags infected mail now with an x-virus-found header so that procmail can catch it for easy /dev/null filters
Download: vscan-0.85.tar.gz (4.03k)
2002-05-03     Initial release, currently used in production and functions well
Download: vscan-0.80.tar.gz (3.65k)