Converts a staroffice/openoffice.org document to HTML, using xsltproc for the xml conversion and ImageMagick's convert to convert images. Also create a table of contents with links, handles tables, styles, spans, and many other xml elements from a writer file. Useful to convert documents in a batch manner, including in a web or CGI environment.

2005-01-05     ** Latest ** Fixed "smart quotes" conversion to normal quotes, table borders work now, bug fixes to width styles and other minor bugfixes.
Download: soffice2html-0.77.tar.gz (7.05k)
2004-02-09     Several fixes for buggy image support, new list styles, impoved TOC handling, ability to generate a full HTML doc with html/body tags, and several minor formatting enhancements.
Download: soffice2html-0.76.tar.gz (6.29k)
2003-04-30     Added detection of output encoding for non utf-8 charsets and a switch to override the output encoding to a specific charset
Download: soffice2html-0.73.tar.gz (4.68k)
2003-04-29     Initial release, support for many tags already and the output HTML is a good representation of simpler documents.
Download: soffice2html-0.71.tar.gz (4.48k)