The inline_smtp perl script was created to allow filtering of incoming mail on a separate server that houses the mailspools without running a full blown MTA. While it's possible to configure another MTA, e.g. postfix, to relay all mail to a smart host and do filtering through postfix, the queue can get behind easily, and on a busy host thousands of messages can get queued in a few hours causing delays in delivery from a few minutes to several hours. By filtering while redirecting, mail arrives as fast as if it were coming directly to the final mail server because it's relayed as the message is received.

inline_smtp works by accepting connections and relaying the conversation to the maildrop host as it takes place, so any 550 messages pass through instantly instead of getting the 550 on the relay server then having to process a bounce, which also fills the queue. inline_smtp understands enough of the smtp protocol to filter on rctp to: addresses and to process the mail body, optionally running it through a filter.

Requires the Net::Server perl module

2003-06-11     ** Latest ** Moved "received from" header injection to happen after passing through the filter because spamc would change them
Download: inline_smtp-0.95.tar.gz (5.84k)
2003-05-15     Connections now timeout so slow connections don't hold up mail delivery and cause the TCP queue to get too big. More command line options help control how many children are forked/served, and lots of minor bugfixes.
Download: inline_smtp-0.93.tar.gz (5.45k)
2003-05-12     Initial release
Download: inline_smtp-0.88.tar.gz (4.36k)