Primarily a plugin-based extendable remote system monitoring utility that focuses on central management and flexibility while still being featureful. Monitoring can support multiple architectures because the monitoring probes are filed by a library process that hands out probes based on OS/arch/hostname. Uses XML for configuration and OO perl for most programming. Requires a few perl modules, see the sentinel.pod file in the distribution.

2002-01-21     ** Latest ** Bugfixes and updated tests. Being used in production now, seems stable.
Download: sentinel-0.14.tar.gz (47.33k)
2002-01-04     Added to CVS now so there's a changelog being generated, fixed a few bugs and added more features like enabling/disabling notices per-test, switches to sentinel, more error checking, etc.
Download: sentinel-0.12.tar.gz (22.72k)
2002-01-04     Many changes internally, the plugin API is mostly stable I think. Some minor reorganization and renaming of some things, support for more XML-ish syntax using '-' instead of '_', most things are documented, many more plugins, better error handling, allows action blocks based on success or failure of tests, backup mail servers support for notification, overall a huge improvement over the last version.
Download: sentinel-0.10.tar.gz (23.22k)
2001-12-17     Initial release. SEVERELY lacking in the functionality and documentation department, but it works. Hopefully I'll have time to clean it up more.
Download: sentinel-0.01.tar.gz (11.61k)