This is a fork of powwow, the MUD client, and adds an embedded perl interpereter through the #perl command allowing more complicated scripts than powwow allows alone, and use of all perl modules like databases, network, etc, also included is 'muc', a movie player for powwow created movies that support different speeds, and seeking forward and backward.
This project is no longer maintained, use powwow + powwow-perl for the same functionality.

2004-04-20     ** Latest ** Added support to high colors (9-15) to muc, the curses based movie player
Download: perlwow-0.73.tar.gz (168.77k)
2003-09-15     This fixes a segfault bug with a double free, which appears to also be in powwow. Try this: #emu (">>"+"The shady innkeeper tells you 'It will cost you 13 silver pennies and 65 copper pennies per day.'")
Download: perlwow-0.72.tar.gz (168.70k)
2003-09-15     initial release, forked from powwow 1.2.5
Download: perlwow-0.70.tar.gz (168.22k)