A base class for perl objects, takes the irritation out of creating properties for objects. Allows quick creation of attributes and easy inheritance. I have stopped developing this class in favor of Class::Accessor, please use that instead.

2001-05-22     ** Latest ** Changed handling to be case sensitive for object methods. Also added support for package defaults and allowing changes to them. **NOTE any modules made with PObject < 0.90 WILL NEED TO BE CHANGED. The AUTOFIELDS hash needs to be updated and all method
Download: PObject-0.90.tar.gz (4.51k)
2001-05-11     Some small documentation updates.
Download: PObject-0.85.tar.gz (4.16k)
2001-05-01     Removed debug code, made the package -w friendly
Download: PObject-0.84.tar.gz (4.12k)
2001-03-29     Added support for the perl Makefile.PL type installation.
Download: PObject-0.82.tar.gz (8.80k)
2001-03-29     First release, things mostly work but you have to manually copy it in place.
Download: PObject-0.50.tar.gz (1.99k)