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Site Tools
Modules for perl that allow easy template integration, SQL forms creation, tables, sessions, and various other things that make web development a little easier to manage. Requires the SQLObject and PObject classes available on my project page. I have stopped developing these classes in favor of the Template Toolkit, it is a lot more robust and mod_perl aware, please use that instead.

2002-01-21     ** Latest ** Many minor bugfixes, better format handling, and eliminated warnings.
Download: Site-0.78.tar.gz (53.81k)
2001-08-16     This release doesn't bring any new features. All deprecated functions are now noisy though so that they can be picked out of existing code.
Download: Site-0.76.tar.gz (40.78k)
2001-08-09     Mostly a minor bugfix release.
Download: Site-0.75.tar.gz (40.67k)
2001-08-01     Many feature enhancements, added lots more configuration options to the SQLTable, it also knows about asc/desc sorting and allows both for any bound column name. SQLForm has been cleaned up and added some utility functions. Added a new class, CrashNotify, that allows an easy and quick way to hook the die signal to send an email to you when a script crashes with all the options passed from the browser, the environment, and the actual error message.
Download: Site-0.74.tar.gz (40.34k)
2001-07-20     Small bugfixes and a lot of cleanups to help with speed, updated documentation, more info for the examples, and minor feature enhancements.
Download: Site-0.73.tar.gz (45.65k)
2001-07-02     Added another example (generates a LaTeX file, shows how to use custom tags and possible create an online pdf generator) and fixed some bugs in the Template class relating to decode_entities and the !_ value.
Download: Site-0.72.tar.gz (45.17k)
2001-06-21     Added some pre-packages docs (dumps of the pods) and a bunch of simple examples. Added custom tag support for templates and a quickload/display function for templates. Extended error messages for templates and minor bugfixes too.
Download: Site-0.71.tar.gz (53.43k)
2001-06-18     Fixed a bug in the OBJ_HOOK_PKEY thing so it will recognize single column primary keys again.
Download: Site-0.70.tar.gz (30.77k)
2001-06-15     Some bug fixes for things introduced when the PObject API changed, other small fixes for actual Site Tools bugs like the badform() handler, and added some quick examples.
Download: Site-0.69.tar.gz (30.75k)
2001-05-22     Updated to work with the new SQLObject and PObject classes. Also added support for quickvars in templates ( {var} instead of t:var name=? ) and more flexible custom escape methods that are more flexible than before. Also added a default escape method to handle cases where you need to escape EVERYTHING.
Download: Site-0.67.tar.gz (29.45k)
2001-05-11     Finally, DOCUMENTATION!! Most bugs are out, some speed improvements, new features such as static forms and un-aliasing form options.
Download: Site-0.65.tar.gz (39.76k)
2001-05-01     Added page support (prev/next) for SQLTables, allowedit/add/delete stuff for tables, bugfixes, comment support for templates (helps to get rid of unwanted \n's, think LaTeX) and some small helper functions.
Download: Site-0.45.tar.gz (33.19k)
2001-04-17     Lots of changes. See the changelog for a complete list. Removed cookie.lib, and added CGI.pm support for most things. Public functions are now all lowercase. There is a porting script that can do 99% of the work, if you need it contact me.
Download: Site-0.39.tar.gz (30.87k)
2001-03-29     Now has package support and autobinding for SQLObjects and some better handling functions.
Download: Site-0.38.tar.gz (35.83k)
2001-03-17     New SQL* classes have been added. They super-cede the old Form/Table SQL classes. These new classes handle binding to SQL objects and eliminate many ambiguous cases.
Download: Site-0.25.tar.gz (31.44k)
2001-03-05     The first public release here, contains all my old FormSQL/TableSQL code which is now defunct in favor of the SQL* modules that implement inheritance and have less "undocumented features," even though it's still not very well documented...
Download: Site-0.01.tar.gz (28.72k)